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Pitco 35C+S Description

The Pitco 35C+S NG commercial fryer is equipped with a rear-located 34-inch NPT supply for use with natural gas. This model can hold up to 40 pounds of oil and can cook up to 63 pounds of fries per hour. With a width of just 1518 inches, this floor model fryer is ideal for foodservice operations that might have a small available footprint but need to meet a high-volume demand for fried foods. With a temperature range of 200 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and a deep cool zone, operators will be able to fry heavily-breaded foods without worrying about crumbs or sediment burning and damaging the oil quality.

The Pitco 35C+S NG operates safely and efficiently, thanks to the integrated gas control valve and a number of other standard features. The heat baffles, mounted in the heat exchanger tubes, are made from a long-lasting alloy stainless steel and provide heat and combustion with maximum efficiency. A standing pilot light provides an instant flame, but gas flow is automatically shut off if the pilot goes out or if the high-temperature limit is exceeded.

Maintaining the cleanliness of your tank will ensure the great taste of your fried food, and this Pitco gas fryer’s tank is welded stainless steel that has been given a super-smooth finish. A front-located 114-inch NPT drain valve and drain extension will help ensure the tank is drained quickly into the appropriate container, while a clean-out rod will remove any remaining crumbs or sediment. This model has a 14-inch by 14-inch frying area, twin fry baskets, and a removable basket hanger that make use and maintenance simple.

Product Details

  • Commercial tube-fired gas fryer
  • 34-in. NPT gas supply for natural gas
  • Capacity for 35-40 lbs. of oil
  • Cooks up to 63 lbs. of fries per hour
  • Deep cool zone catches crumbs and sediment
  • Offers a temperature range of 200-400 degrees F
  • Operated with a comprehensive gas control valve
  • Standing pilot provides an instant flame
  • Gas shuts off automatically if pilot flame goes out or fryer reaches unsafe temperatures
  • Efficient heat and combustion produced by heat baffles mounted in heat exchanger tubes
  • Heat will be directed to a hood vent via the integrated flue deflector
  • Quickly empty the tank with a front-located 114-in. NPT drain
  • Cabinet constructed with a stainless steel front and door, galvanized sides and back
  • Frying Area Dimensions: 14 in. W x 234 in. D x 14 in. H
  • Overall Dimensions: 1518 in. W x 30932 in. D x 46 in. H
  • CE and CSA Listed; NSF Certified

Pitco 35C+S Specifications

PDF Spec Sheet

Manufacturer Pitco
Number of Fry Pots 1
Gas Type NG
BTU per Fryer 90,000
Oil Capacity per Fryer 35 lb
Frypot Style Tube Type
Food Type Breaded
Width (in) 15
Warranty 1 year parts & labor
Baskets 2