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Upgrade and Downsize at the Same Time.
The TurboChef HhC 2620 offers full-size conveyor throughput in a space-saving 26-inch design, with up to 50% faster cooking than conventional conveyor ovens. The HhC 2620 cooks over 115 12-inch pizzas in an hour through a single cavity, and it can be double or even triple stacked for high volume applications. The HhC 2620 has eight programmable cooking profiles, and unlike the offerings of any other conveyor brand, it can be factory-configured for UL®-certified ventless operation.*

Small footprint with even more throughput than the HhC 2020
Independently-controlled top and bottom air impingement
Variable-speed High h recirculating impingement airflow system
Stackable design up to 3 high (requires stacking kits)
Variable-speed blower motors
Easy to clean mono-finger design
Idle mode for energy conservation
Built-in self diagnostics for monitoring oven components
Left or right feed conveyor belt direction via software
Includes plug and cord (6 ft. nominal)
Includes two 6″ conveyor extensions
Height 17.0″ 432 mm
Width 48.3″ 1227 mm
Depth 41.7″ 1059 mm
Weight 260 lb. 118 kg
Cook Chamber
Baking Area 3.6 ft² 0.33 m²
Belt Length 48.3″ 1227 mm
Belt Width (Single) 26″ 660 mm
Belt Width (50/50 Split) 12.5″ / 12.5″ 318 mm / 318 mm
Belt Width (70/30 Split) 17″ / 8″ 431 mm / 203 mm
Max Operating Temp 550°F 288°C
Bake Time Range 30 seconds to 15 minutes